bi-fold l multi-stack l hinged l sliding windows & doors

Our Bi-fold Windows and Doors have been designed and manufactured using techniques which have been developed to ensure a consistent product finish of premium quality. Using performance seals to prevent air leakage, these products allow you to better manage the climate in your home. Bi-fold Doors provide the ideal solution for those desiring of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle environment. Place the doors at the gateway to a balcony, entertaining or alfresco dining area. The option of multiple-door configurations are readily available.

Bi-fold Windows employ the same effortless motion technology [emt™] as our bi-fold doors, allowing for effortless opening and closing. These windows have been designed and manufactured from extensive international research. Featuring high quality hardware and components to ensure our products remain reliable and durable, they are corrosion resistant which is ideal for anyone living near the coast. Bi-fold windows are ideal in a servery environment. Placed over a balcony or entertaining area they allow you to enjoy the luxury of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, our Sliding Windows offer proven performance and reliability. They afford large areas of glass, clean lines and good ventilation. The frame provides added strength and superior style. The height-adjustable latch also provides flexible fitting position.

Reliability, strength and a smooth rolling action are the important aspects of a Sliding Door. Our adjustable, non-corrosive roller system ensures our doors slide smoothly now and for years to come. With peace of mind a consideration, we offer you the options of a key-lockable latch, or for extra security, a deadlock - both of which can be supplied with the convenience of the same key for all your doors.

There have been few revolutionary breakthroughs in the design of the sliding door since its inception but we offer the benefits of one such breakthrough. Introducing Multi-Stack Sliding Doors - the most entertaining doors on the market. The "six panel patio" door has been developed to accept four consecutive sliding panels, enabling an uninterrupted opening of more than three and half metres. For smaller rooms, a three panel (two sliding) configuration is available. Like a wall of windows, multi-stack sliding doors provide sweeping outdoor views and flood your room with natural light, thus creating an ultra modern, seamless junction between indoors and out. Perfect for entertaining.

Aluminium Entry Doors are another way to enjoy garden outlooks and let maximum light into your rooms. Secure, elegant and low on maintenance, they offer a decorative and practical solution for many different situations. The doors can be coupled with full length side windows, or full width top lights to allow for extra brightness. Security locks and handles give added protection and for even greater convenience, a common key can be supplied for all doors. Heavy duty hinges add to an outward opening door while the wide profile sill is designed to accommodate flyscreen doors or security doors.

Up to 6 point locking system which allows entry from both sides.

Slim operating handle with adjustable positioning height.

1. Super strong head.
2. Heavy duty roller, capable of taking 75kg load per panel.
3. Incorporates AGS 'smart hinge'.
4. AGS 'smart groove' technology for superior fabrication.
5. AGS 'smart hinge' using superior marine grade stainless steel.
6. AGS 'easy gliding' channel.
7. High performance sill.
8. AGS multi-point locking system.

Lockable twin bolt mechanism for additional security.