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Amplimesh™ Supascreen™
Amplimesh™ ClearGuard™ is the Security Door that doesn't look like a security door. ClearGuard™ combines the unobtrusive appearance of flywire with the absolute protection of high tensile, marine grade finely woven 316 stainless steel mesh. Every bit as secure as grille-type security doors, but far more welcoming for your family and friends.

Supascreen™ Security Window Screens
ClearGuard™ is also ideal for providing Security Screens for your windows, offering an extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Security Grille Doors
A common theme for us is your security, therefore, we offer a range of Aluminium Mesh Security Doors to give you greater peace of mind. Made with the strength yet practicality of extruded aluminium, these doors are available with a range of deadlocks. We are an authorised Amplimesh™ dealer offering a full range of Grille Security Doors. These include low cost Grille Doors that provide a strong deterrent and high security doors featuring heavy duty frames and 3 point locks.

Window Grilles
GW&D also has a selection of Window Grills from which to choose, providing ideal additional security for your home. These act as a visual deterrent and an extra layer of protection for your family against uninvited guests.

Supascreen™ gives unobstructed views outdoors. There is no compromise to the appearance of your home or feature door, allowing airflow throughout the home. High grade materials are assembled with a unique, patented pressure process that eliminates the need for fixings such as screws, rivets and pins. No metal surfaces coming into contact with each other eliminates the possibility of corrosion. Supascreen™ meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS5039-2003 including impact, jemmy and knife-shear tests.